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About the Author ✍️


Geena Chen

A first-time author, Geena wrote Uplifted over 15 months while living in lockdown in England. In the process, she hired a storytelling coach, read a lot of books about writing, and rewrote the book 4 times, while exploring her own Asian American identity.

Geena trained in spoken word poetry and mechanical engineering at Stanford University, and she considers herself an independent operator working on projects she believes in.

You can find her on IG and LinkedIn.

About Asian Hustle Network 🌐


Asian Hustle Network

Asian Hustle Network is a global online community of 100,000+ Asian entrepreneurs going after their dreams and supporting one another along the way.

Co-founders Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui created the community in November 2019 to connect and uplift Asian entrepreneurs worldwide—creating opportunities for all of us to succeed together.

You can find out more at asianhustlenetwork.com.