Glory Kim and Matt Brooks // Ep 90 // Love and Success With Slice n Rice

Welcome to Episode 90 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Glory Kim and Matt Brooks on this week's episode.

We interview Asian entrepreneurs around the world to amplify their voices and empower Asians to pursue their dreams and goals. We believe that each person has a message and a unique story from their entrepreneurial journey that they can share with all of us.

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Slice n Rice is an interracial comedic couple that loves to create content based on their culture, relationship, and everyday pop culture. Their unique relationship is enjoyed among many, for their playful interactions with one another that are raw and unscripted. They are most recognizable for their cultural exchange videos where Glory introduces her Korean culture to Matt, and Matt introduces Glory to his African American culture to Glory, both through food, music, items, traditions, and more.

They also have a library filled with several other types of videos including but not limited to, their Disney Channel Wand ID series, popular film parodies, and their Christian parodies which include Christian BOP, New millennial Translation, and more. This couple loves to be themselves on camera but also loves to act in sketches and add a show-like element to all their videos. Slice n Rice will bring you fresh, unscripted reaction and challenge videos as well as sketch comedy videos while staying true to their brand of wholesome fun!

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Intro: (00:00:00) Hey guys, welcome to Asian Hustle Network Podcast, My name is Bryan. 

And my name is Maggie 

And we interview Asian entrepreneurs around the world to amplify their voices and empower Asians to pursue their dreams and goals.

We believe that each person has a message and a unique story from their entrepreneurial journey that they can share with all of us.

Maggie: (00:00:23) Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Asian hustle network podcast. Today. We have two very special guests with us. They are Glori Kim and Matt Brooks also known as slice and rice slice. And rice is an interracial comedic couple that loves to create content based around their culture, relationship and everyday pop culture. Their unique relationship is enjoyed among many for their playful interactions with one another that are raw and unscripted. They’re most recognizable for their cultural exchange videos, where Gloria introduces her Korean culture to Matt and Matt introduces glory to his African-American culture. So glory, both through food, music, items, traditions, and more Gloria, Matt, welcome to the show.


Glory/Matt: (00:01:06) Thank you. I’m excited. Yes,


Bryan: (00:01:08) of course. Want to start by saying, I love you guys so much. I love your content. It’s always very wholesome and you guys always have on it every single video. So I love that a lot.


Glory: (00:01:18)   Thank you so much. We strive to be a whole  


Matt: (00:01:24)   as well. So like the fun we have, like, we literally try to find like ideas that is just naturally fun for us to do.


Bryan: (00:01:34)   As far as listeners that don’t really know you guys, how do you, how did you two meet and how does whole, how did this whole thing happen to them?


Matt: (00:01:42)  No. Well, you’re, you’re so good at telling the story all the time.


Glory: (00:01:46)   All right. So Goring, we met in college, but the not so boring part is when we first met each other, we first, like, you know, you got to get to know each other. I think it was at a film event. And, um, we both realized we love the YouTube and like this was around 20. 13. So YouTube was a thing, but it wasn’t like people had channels the way they do now. You know what I mean? So when I found out he hadn’t YouTube and vice versa, we were like really excited. That’s what we first bonded over. And so we were like, oh, what’s your YouTube channel name? And so he gave me his, I gave him mine and he looked my name up and he was already subscribed to me. And this is the first time I ever met. And I wasn’t big at all on YouTube. So I was not like.


Matt: (00:02:28)  What was the trend that they were doing,


Glory: (00:02:30)   they were doing. So we did the Harlem shake. Oh yeah, yeah.


Matt: (00:02:36)  That was the one like really big, but she wasn’t in the video, but I was like, wow, I need a collab with this person, whoever


Bryan: (00:02:43)  you started the trend.  


Glory: (00:02:45)  No, no, no, I didn’t start trying to, but like, oh gosh, no. A lot of schools were doing the home shake for their university or their high school. So I was like, let’s do it for, you know, Tulsa, which is where we lacked because it hadn’t been done. So like, like he said, I wasn’t in the video, I found it. But I guess when he stumbled across the Telus official towels in Harlem shake better, he’s like, oh, I’m going to switch out.


Matt: (00:03:08)  I was like, I need to network. You made YouTube video out. I know who it was, who ran the channel. And I don’t know that I know I would’ve ended up married. They did. So talk about networking tower a hundred. So it worked out


Bryan: (00:03:25)  and now you had aspirations of being a director right before.


Matt: (00:03:30)  Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I had, we both had a channel since 2006, individually and on there, um, I wanted to be a actor director, so essentially I’m wanting to like direct the movies I wasn’t, um, and everything had comedy based of course. So I was doing that. Early on since I was 13, just making, looking comedy things like repeating devils seven with the toilet paper roll, like walking, it was like so crazy, but think about it. But yeah, that was, that was definitely my, uh, what I was striving to do.


Bryan: (00:04:11)  Hmm. That’s that’s, that’s like really, really amazing to hear it in Gloria. You come from like video editing and background. Is that right at the university?


Glory: (00:04:17)   Yeah. Yeah. Well, I, yeah, so we went to Towson and, um, I knew going into Towson university that I wanted to do like video. I just wasn’t sure what, like, I think my dream back then was to like edit professional music videos for like celebrities and stuff. But, um, once I graduated, I did work at university of Maryland. Um, and I was a video producer there. We kind of just did like promotional videos or educational videos for the school or a appropriate. Professors that actually work there part-time as well.


Matt: (00:04:46)  I worked for Gloria when she was my boss.


Maggie: (00:04:52)  I read that, um, you know, you two were in the same club at the time and Matt actually came over to Cooper, Gloria for a club potluck. And after Matt had left and you kind of just melted in your, into your couch and said, I feel like a Disney princess, I want to hear about bad day and like what you guys thought of each other and how it,


Glory: (00:05:15)    oh, gosh, sorry. Because when I think of it, it’s just like one of the happiest memories I have, because he was like, when I, we were really like crushing on each other, like we were singing. Well, he didn’t know the words, but the song it says on my lungs. So he was like trying to like copy it. And we were like making pasta together and it was so funny. Cause when he left, I literally like a Disney princess, like one of my couch.


Matt: (00:05:56)  So cute. I was trying so hard. I did not, I never heard the song ever in my life, but she looks so passionate and I was like, wasn’t it, it was a male singer.


Glory: (00:06:06)  Was it the, I don’t know. I don’t think so.


Matt: (00:06:08)   See, I didn’t know. I was trying, I was adding my own sauce to it. Yeah.   


Maggie: (00:06:14)  That is so cute. I mean, even if you didn’t know the song you had to have pretended like you did right. To impress school, right?


Bryan: (00:06:24)  Yeah. So it sounds like you guys had a lot of chemistry to begin off and you know, how, who came up with the idea. That you guys should start creating content together. And you want to hear more about like, you know, what was the struggle was working together? Because our listeners know that me and Maggie had been dating for four years now. Right. And started our, our company together after a third year. But I felt like getting into a brand new relationship where I learned a complete new side of her where it’s like, wait, I thought I knew it. Well, he’s working so hard now.


Matt: (00:06:59)   That’s constantly that, that, that, that doesn’t stop. You always learn something. Oh, that’s a great question. Uh, so I would say it was early on, um, it was actually a week after we got in a relationship. So it was, uh, we got our relationship June 3rd. And then yeah, we can a half a week and a half later we decided to create slice and rice. Um, Sorry. I don’t know what that was, but, uh, so yeah, so we can add later we decided to create a slice rice and it was more of like a, Hey, let’s just join forces. You have a YouTube channel. I have a YouTube channel. We like each other so much. We’re not going to make anything by ourselves. So let’s just join forces. And we were just throwing around like a bunch of different names. And I just, I really love pizza. Like that is my favorite food. And we were trying to think of a name that was like very catchy. And very easy to remember and slice her eyes had a ring to it and everyone. Yeah. And I love rice by the way. Very delicious. Yeah. Yeah. So in 2014, that’s when we create a slice and rice and, um, We just been working ever since. I mean, before slice and rice, we actually worked together a lot in college. We worked together. Um, we worked at undergrad. Um, yeah, we worked together. So we, we always, always have kind of worked together.


Glory: (00:08:24)  So we always kind of knew. How to work together, I guess some weaknesses, for sure. But in the beginning, I would say slice and dice was more of like, just for fun, but, um, we always still like dreamt of like, oh, a million subscribers, but it was a very fun thing in the beginning. And then it wasn’t until after we graduate that we’re like, no, we want to like, be very serious about this.


Matt: (00:08:52)  I mean, Like you guys don’t understand, like, this is like, it’s a lot of balance. And we early on, we learned that we had to create boundaries. So we actually made a video about it. Like once we hit a thousand subscribers, We almost broke up around that time because of the level of dedication that we had to put into our channel to grow, we were losing the connection and our relationship and stuff. So we had to take a step back and create like some healthy boundaries of like, Hey, we are relationship first. So we need to set time aside to like, go on. And do all of those,  


Glory: (00:09:26)  not talk about our YouTube channel. Cause like every conversation was like, oh, what video to renew next? And like,



Matt: (00:09:32)  it was just comments, aspiration. That was just constantly, and we weren’t asking how we were going. It was crazy. I’m glad it happened so early on and that when we hit a million, that would have been like, well, what do we do now? But once we got through that hurdle, um, it was just been such an amazing experience. Just being able to share. The success with someone. Yeah. It’s really cool. Yeah. It’s very fun.


Maggie: (00:09:56)   I, I think it’s super important to set boundaries and it really resonates with like myself and Brian, because, you know, after working together, we rarely find time to just have quality time together. And then, you know, going into dinner time, you start talking about what work, you know, you can’t really make that differentiation. And when you guys talked about. It kinda reminds me of that meme where it says like, you never asked me how I’m doing, but you asked me like, what am I doing? You know, you have to ask me like how I’m doing, you know? So it’s, I think it’s, um, you know, I love that you guys bring it up because it’s just, it’s okay to bring up business sometimes. But as long as you’re having fun, right. As long as you’re like creating boundaries, as long as it’s not too much of one thing, then it’s okay. Yeah.


Matt: (00:10:42)  Fun is a really big part because if you’re not having fun, you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing. And I don’t think you’re going to work your best. Um, if you’re not having fun. So. Our mental health checks and all of that, we gotta make sure our relationship is good first. So we won’t even film a video, which has been quite a few times and stuff that is,


Bryan: (00:11:06)   that’s a really good approach to everything too. Cause I know right now when we have other content creators on the podcast, they let’s talk about, I need to pump up three or four videos a week or a day or something. And the fact that you’re putting your relationship first before you’re very content it’s. So. Admirable to see that, you know, and it’s the fact that you guys are putting, putting each other first and others in our podcast too, where Laurie was sledding. If any, if we had to choose between, you know, a slice and rice or our relationship, we’ll pick our real issue and draw. Right. That’s, that’s incredible to hear that you guys are always having each other’s back. On top of that, your content too. Let’s quickly talk about our transcend, you know, like you guys have such an authentic content where it’s, it’s obvious to us as viewers that you guys truly love each other. Any of the video that now United we’re watching we’re eating dinner was, um, um, I like seeing to walk down the aisle when you’re watching your, your wedding video or just eating and tearing up the same time. Not one day. I want to talk to this couple, exactly what we said. And when we saw you guys in the Facebook group thing, where he was like, oh my God, you know, you reached out to them. Facebook. Yeah, exactly who you were. And those are the types of content that shows how incredible irrigation is, you know, that, but I’m kind of curious too, like what led up to that type of content creation, because I know that UT had different styles before and different ideas. At what point are you like, okay, this is the kind of style that we’re going to go for it. And when you’re creating the style, how well, how was the reception towards like, bye. And how well they take care because sometimes we make content based upon views. Again, you know, we’re going to be like this, you know, but to have control it, you guys do, how was it?

Glory: (00:12:59)   Man. It was, uh, not like that in the beginning. Like you always say it was like throwing paint at like a blank wall. We didn’t know like what was going to stick. So we started off doing like skits and challenges. I mean, those are things that we still like, but it just wasn’t like hitting. Um, so it wasn’t until I don’t want to speak on your behalf, but I would say it was the cultural videos that really. Did it for our channel. And if you want to talk about like, why we started.


Matt: (00:13:32)  Well, what we understand now is that we had to build a community. So before we did the cultural videos, there wasn’t a community. We had a video that went super viral and before we did the culture videos, and we weren’t, we weren’t even in it. So after we put regular content, I’ll ask. We like lost like 10,000 subscribers. Like all of those, like, wait, what, what happened? Like this video did amazing, but it was really about building a community, um, and really understanding what our audience wanted and, um, and what that, what they wanted was really connecting with us often. Authenticity, man, I can’t talk right now. Um, and exploring each other’s cultures and everything, and a lot of people really felt connected with it. Um, there was a lot of other, uh, black and Asian couples that really gravitate it towards our stories and the things that we were going through. Um, and as we started to build a bigger following. We started to broaden out our reach. We wanted to be more than, um, just the cultural videos we wanted to do. We wanted to tell our love story. Um, so we started to broaden that out and really started to capture our journey in parenthood. There’s so many parents out there, our marriage, uh, how prepping, like getting married and all of those things. It was like, wow, we have a lot of stories that we can tell about our relationship that people can really connect with. And that’s. Basically like the key that I feel like is really understand who your audience is and like what you can feed them that they would really appreciate.


Maggie: (00:15:05)  Yeah. I love that. Yeah. I, I absolutely love that. I think that even when I put out like those one time videos, I go viral and I’m like, I’m not even in it. You know, they’re like, oh, this went viral. But like, how am I supposed to build on top of this, but they’re not sustainable, you know? And so I love that you guys have built a community. And, you know, base it on culture because that’s what keeps your fans and your audience to keep coming back because they don’t fall in love with just the content, but they fall in love with YouTube. And I think you guys bring such a very like unique and interesting flavor because you guys are able to like, bring both different cultures and talk about those different cultures and you’re able to have your audience learn from it as well. It’s educational, you know, Yeah. Yeah.


Bryan: (00:15:45)   Awesome. Your content is really memorable. I don’t know why, like I just had a flashback and we used to move into each other’s places and you’re like, oh no, he likes to eat well, blah. Yeah. Yeah. I remember that video. I don’t know why it’s top of my head right now, but your content is so like relatable and I know building community for content is extremely important. At what point did you feel. You know, things are going too quickly and you’re starting to feel really overwhelmed. Like how did you. Mitigate then scale that. So then you can take care of firstly, your relationship, your mental health, more importantly, and your channel, because I think that’s a challenge that most people face, right? As he didn’t, he hitting a lot of momentum as first time, content creators, content creators. This is a sexy term nowadays. It’s like, Hey, I live life, my own terms, make content, do whatever. But there’s a lot of work that goes behind the scenes and a lot of mental health and management. Oh yeah. How do you guys do that?


Glory: (00:16:49)   So we’re here. I mean, we don’t like, sometimes, like, we’re just like, I mean, we’re so blessed to be able to do this, but literally, literally even just like a month ago, we would just be like, okay, we, we need to take a small break. Like, even if it’s just like a week or two of just like, not thinking about like creating, we do that. We’re very blessed to be there. Cause it’s not like our friends can say the same, like, oh, I don’t feel like I want to work in that manner. You know, like that’s something we don’t take for granted. It’s really awesome that we get to do that. Um, but we make sure that we do that. And our audience members, we’re usually pretty transparent with our audiences to why we’re not uploading, like when we don’t w if we need like a break mentally, and they’re usually very understanding.


Matt: (00:17:32)   Yeah. Well, we did a great job of like really building a trusting community. So when we are honest with them, like, Hey, We’re just not failing it. We got to take care of ourselves. You will read the comments and I’m like, oh my gosh. Or your health comes first. Like, don’t worry about us. We’ll always be here. And like, those comments make us feel great. Um, but some strategies that we’ve taken is, um, like on Sundays, like we don’t work at all. Um, so we’ve made that a rule like, you know, on Sundays, but eating out, we’re enjoying ourselves and not looking at anything. No emails, nothing. Like we need Sundays just for ourselves, because Monday to Saturday is wild. Um, and all of those things, and, you know, also in a process of building a team as well to like kind of help because me and Gloria, we do everything, um, ourselves. Um, well, I don’t wanna say that’s teaching on and say we have a lawyer, we have an entertainment lawyer. We have. But for the most part, like the decision-makings and all of those things from editing video ideas, uh, obviously we’re in a, like, we do all of that ourselves and, um, we’re like looking to like also hire people to make it, make it easier for us,


Glory: (00:18:40)   especially now that we have a son, like it’s just really hard to juggle everything. Yeah. Yeah.


Bryan: (00:18:47)  That’s a little difficult too. And you know, hiring is not easy to do. Because, you know, you have a certain style and flavor that no one can recapture.   


Maggie: (00:18:59)   Yeah, I do want to rewind a little bit and talk about when did you, you guys decide to quit your full-time jobs because you know those two of you and, you know, Brian and I, we actually put our full-time jobs separately. He put like half a year or a year before I did. Um, but how did you guys manage it? Like, did you do one person quit first and then the other person quit later? Or did you guys decide to do that at the same time or.


Glory: (00:19:24)    No. I mean, that’s actually, uh, almost our story. Like I think I quit a year before Matt did, but a year before I quit, I wanted to quit, but I was like, okay, let me be smart about, I remember going to my parents and they did not. Well, first of all, they don’t like, they didn’t understand you do, we, it wasn’t doing well. Like for us, like they didn’t understand it. Um, I feel like even today, like some parents, like, even if you’re doing well, it’s just hard to understand. It’s like a whole its own culture. So, um, they said give it a year to think about it. And I was like, no, this is too long, but I did have to be smart about it. I’m uh, you know, we pray like we believe in God, like I was praying a lot asking friends for advice. And so a year later, Uh, our YouTube channel was not necessarily doing any better, like, um, unfortunately, but I was like, okay. I feel like I’m putting eight hours of my day into this job that I know I’m not going to like do forever. Um, if I could just take that time and put it into retail, it’s going to grow. And this is the only way it’s going to grow is if I quit. So I finally took that leap of faith and I feel like ever since then is when our channel, that was the moment that it was starting to. Wow slowly. It was kind of slow at first. It wasn’t like a quick return, but it was starting to grow at that point.


Matt: (00:20:41)   Yeah. Glory quit. And I took her job. So I made sure that we had some sort of income because we were, we weren’t even making a lot, like, I think a month we were probably making like three or $400 and we, you know, you can’t really live off of that.Um, so I took her full-time job. To at least bring us some income and stuff. And then eventually it grew to the point where yeah. I don’t have enough time in the day to work nine to five and they’d come home and then do slice and rice is just way too much stuff. So, uh, yeah, a year later quit. And at the once we both quit and we were able to put all of our time into our business. That’s when it really like took off. And yeah, I haven’t looked back since


Bryan: (00:21:28)  I really loved the risks. Yes. And, you know, I know you guys quit at a point where you guys weren’t making any money, you know, and that’s, that’s crazy that you guys built a business around your content and made it work because that’s scary as heck, you know, that’s something that’s stopping a lot of us from making that leap it’s because we can’t get over the mental hurdle of not having money. Yeah. I really liked the fact that you guys are extremely consistent as a wall and not give up because so many of us so easy for us to be, I’m not getting any traction and not doing things right. Um, but I mean, hats off to you guys for, for getting it down and staying consistent and believing and believing that this, this can happen and visualizing that it will happen. And it has happened, you know, like when you guys. Like, what was that mindset like? And how do you guys turn this into something sustainable? Because that’s a lot of questions that all these new creators have asked us throughout our community. It’s like, Hey, look, I have a 20,000, 30,000 subscribers. How can I turn this into a business? You know, how did you guys learn how to turn this into business? And what was that learning process?


Maggie: (00:22:40)    Yeah. And on top of that, like, like Brian and I, we talked to so many creators. Right. But we noticed that a lot of them, even with really high followings, they don’t know how to convert it into a business. Right. They, I think that’s, there’s that hurdle or just like that education that they need to actually know how to turn it into business and what I find so inspiring about YouTube it’s like we were listening to other podcasts and YouTube actually mentioned that you don’t come from like a business background. Like you, you two didn’t start businesses before this. So I love to learn more about that. What was that, that, uh, process like converting splice and rice into an actual business?


Matt: (00:23:10)   Yeah, I think, uh, for starters, I think we just blessed to like, have like the friends that we did so early on, we asked a lot of questions. So we, uh, we will have like a friend that he may not have had like as much subscribers as us, but we noticed that. The type of brand deals that they were getting was like, there was a lot of zeros in those checks and were like, I, so you don’t get that many views and you don’t have any subscribers, but how are you getting this much money off of a brand deal? And then they would give us the game. Well, you got to understand your worth. You gotta know who your target audience is. And then you can pitch those to the brands and things. So we’d take that knowledge and we’ll write it down, then we’ll notice that another story. It’s doing merch and it’s like, oh, how does the, how does that work? And they’re like, oh yeah, you come up with an idea. You build up the line, you figure out what your audience want one thing and, you know, develop your brand that way. And then we write it down, like, okay, so we gotta make sure we have the merchant, everything like that. And then obviously like the agents come in and they kinda like take a big toll off of everything. So it was really about educating. But if you pay attention to a lot of successful creators, you can kind of see the moves that they’re making. Um, if you’re not just like looking like, oh, this person just came out with a new hoodie, it’s like, oh wow, that’s a different income. Or if you look, and it’s like, Hey, click this link, you’ll realize like, oh, that’s an affiliate link. And then making money off of them, that’s another revenue. So it was like, if you just really like pay attention and like the overall view of like how people operate, you can kind of like learn and get an idea of like different things. Like we look at Mr. B’s. He’s a Korean and making videos. He has burgers. Now you would have never thought we could make our own pizza and rice, a restaurant or something, you know, like, yeah, we talk about it all the time. Like, oh


Glory: (00:25:08)   we should do it like that. We wish we could do where we’re like, no, let’s get this under control.


Matt: (00:25:12)   We gotta make sure things is popping first before we like move on to the next project. I say all of this to say is like, never stop learning, never stop asking questions. People think when it’s time to network, it means, oh, let’s collab. So we can grow our audience. Like know you network to like really learn and like build friendships because they won’t have knowledge that you don’t know. And you have announced that they don’t know you can share. And that’s how we grow is by exchanging information with each other.


Maggie: (00:25:38)    Oh, I absolutely agree. I think that, you know, it’s, it’s super important for you to build those connections and there’s just so many content creators out there who are just trying to, you know, collab just for the sake of collapsing, you know, but the real value there is the connections and the relationships that you’re building for you to, you know, actually have sustainable relationships with them for like a lifetime. Um, and I, I’m sure you, if you guys have. Many many valuable and meaningful connections and relationships just from slice and rice.


Glory: (00:26:09)   We haven’t because sometimes with collabs, like that can get you like your name out, but then like, those people aren’t necessarily like loyally, like following you, you know what I mean? Um, so. We actually don’t really do that many collabs. Right. We haven’t really done too many.


Matt: (00:26:26)   Yeah. It’s so, yeah, it’s, uh, it’s very specific. So like we always put our audience first. Um, so it’s like, Hey, this is a new experience that I know, like our audience will find value. And the other person, like we did a collab with, uh, ColourPop. Who’s a very great content creator. She does transformations, uh, from thrift stores and we knew that audience would like us trying to do what she does. Cause it would be funny, but also find value in our channel because she’s ridiculously talented and stuff. So that was like glad, that made sense for us to do. Um, so, you know, we always put audience first, no matter what.


Bryan: (00:27:07)  Yeah, I love that you guys always put your audience first and you know, it’s so easy to collaborate and anyone who just asks you to, Hey, let’s collab, you know, you look at our numbers. Hmm. Staying close to your core values and what you guys want to present to your, to your audiences is so admirable. And it’s great seeing that you guys do that, um, are kind of curious too. Like how do you guys come up with all your ideas? You know, do you guys have a whiteboard around the house? Do you just talk to each other? Because I know glory mentioned in one of the early interviews it’s like coming up with ideas is like super hard, but executing is easy for you guys, you know, which is insane because execution should come harder. I’d use our diamond. Doesn’t you know, what was, uh, what is your creative process like working in creating content? And I do want to note that we were just on your Tik TOK earlier. Uh, Gloria Love, uh, the ABG transformation.

Glory: (00:28:06)   Yeah, those are my favorite actually, actually a little sleepy. We’re going to do another transformation, like as our next video. So I’m really excited about that. We do have like a document of ideas and sometimes we’ll kind of come randomly. I feel like at the beginning it was so hard. I mean, it can still be hard, but it feels. So hard and the beginning, because we just kind of like, think of a random idea with kind of no, like structure to it. Like what’s a good idea, you know what I mean? And we’ll just, but like now I feel like we do think of videos that we’ve done in the past and what we can do like today that would be a little bit a spin off of it. So for example, like Matt tries kimchi for the first time I had been a video like a PA in the past. So what’s something new that Matt can try rather than thinking, like, what’s, what’s a video idea we can do you know what I mean? Yeah. It’s like series like something that kind of repeats itself, but it’s just like a new idea. So I feel like that’s how we think that’s, it’s gone a little bit easier thinking of it in that format.


Bryan: (00:29:06)   You want your audience to be able to identify your content at the same time, trying to give them something new that they didn’t know that they needed. So that’s like the hard, difficult thing. So it’s like, okay, what can we try next? Because we know our audience, like us trying things, something that they wouldn’t expect at all, you know, and like early on, it was like, Hey glory trying soul food, or I’m trying on a home. Um, just different things like that. And it’s like, oh wait, what is this? I need to see what slice and Ryan’s tries next. So it gets easier trying to think about Dez when you have like a format or a sort of series. Um, so, uh, if there’s any creatives out there that’s like struggling, um, really try to understand what your brand is and what series that you can build around it so that you can keep building on top of that. And your audience knows what to semi expect from you.


Maggie: (00:30:00)    Yeah, absolutely. And you know, what about like vice versa? Like how often do you guys take in feedback from your audience as well? Let’s say if your audience wants to like see more of one particular type of content, do you guys take in their feedback as well and put it into your content?


Glory: (00:30:15)   Yeah, absolutely. Once in a while, we’ll just be like, um, give us, like, what do you guys want to see? I think we’ll usually utilize Instagram for that. Um, like ask our audience. Cause like sometimes also we’ll cheat and be like, we don’t know what reads and then there’ll be a lot of like really similar ones that pop up for some reason, like, oh, people want to see. I don’t know. I guess like the cultural videos are really common requested


Matt: (00:30:42)    and you also want to like continue improving on your content. So even though it’s like the same series we might. Play around with certain things. Like a video might not have an intro because we want to see if we can keep them on the video longer and they will see what the comments say. And then they will say something like it’s weird, slice and dice doesn’t have their what’s something they just get. So then we go back to the John board, like, okay, we got buy 50 comments that hated that. So like, let’s add it back, but maybe we’ll take out the end. So like we do things like that just to like, See if we can get that audience view percentage up higher and stuff. Um, and we look at our comments just to like, make sure like that was the right choice.


Bryan: (00:31:26)    Yeah. Uh, I guess the next question I have is sort of a personal question, right? I mean, as you, as your fame was growing, your YouTube channel was green. How do you, do you guys have a conversation with each other, with each other to like, maintain like your. Your humbleness and your openness to talk to other people. Cause not a lot of creatives, a blow up the act way different from when they they’re hustling to get there, you know, but you guys feel like you’re such genuine people. Like how do you guys have that conversation? Say, Hey, Hey babe, what’s your. What’s your


Glory: (00:32:02)   because, well, we’ve been on YouTube. We’ll slice it. Dice has existed since 2014. So now that it’s 2021. And I feel like when we hit a million subscribers is what, 2019. So that was, I mean, in my opinion, that was kind of a slow, progressive, like growth. It wasn’t overnight, which a lot of people. Um, there are people that have overnight success, but even though it was kind of like progressive and slow, which we’re very grateful for look in hindsight. Cause um, I feel like it’s more humbling and like you can really like, you know, appreciate the successes. Um, but that’s a great question because. Even though, like, we’d like to think that we’re humbled and stuff. Like you never know what can get to your head. So we have asked our friends to hold us accountable. We said, Hey, if we ever start like acting different or weird, like, can you just like, bring us  please check. We kind of asked her friends every once in a while. I, Hey, like, do you think I’m being. Blah, blah, blah. And also, um, I mean, this is just a personal choice. Um, we also like to, we don’t know where the future holds, but we currently still live, um, in Maryland with our family and friends. Cause I feel like that also helps keep us grounded. I would say we don’t really have any friends around us that do so it’s like a blessing and a curse. I feel like if we were to move to like LA be surrounded by watch creators, I feel like we’d be inspired constantly. People get it. So like it’s relatable, but I’m here. And like, no one really gets it. So like, that can be weird, but it’s also a blessing because we just kind of feel like we can live like our normal life without it being too much like surrounding us. Yeah.


Matt: (00:33:41)   Constantly getting stopped by here and there, like in targeted and stuff. But yeah, that’s a really good one. And also like me and Gloria we’ll do like little tune-up checks and we’ll like, remind each other, like, Hey, like you remember when we used to just have. 50 subscribers. And like, just understanding that journey and grind, we can empathize with other people who are growing and, um, other people that want to get it and stuff. And our heart goes out to them as well. While we was like sitting there, like, I know what that feeling is and stuff, and we know what it feels like to have like a bigger creator. Look at us a certain type of way, because we didn’t have as many subscribers or didn’t make as much money at the time. All of those things that I remember just really feeling sad and like defeated. And it was like, I never want to make someone else feel the way that I felt in those moments. So, um, it’s always good to just remind ourselves of where we came from and how hard we worked to get there. And knowing that the people we encountered. Can have that same level of success as well. Yeah.    


Maggie: (00:34:44)   Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah. I love how you guys are always keeping yourself in check and like remembering your humble beginnings. Um, I think the last one is just, you know, make sure you’re being nice to everyone because you never know she doesn’t never know. I do want to talk about your proposal. Um, Matt who actually proposed in Korean.  


Matt: (00:35:14)   I try to say, uh, oh my God, do you want to love? Oh man. I was so afraid. I was scared. It was like a huge audience there, but I was on YouTube, like really for like four hours. I felt like it was like late.


Glory: (00:35:39)   That meant a lot though. I mentioned recently in a video, but it meant so much to me because like, I could care less if you propose to me in Korean, you know what I mean? I mean, that was so sweet to, in my opinion, but I feel like he was doing that like for my parents too, you know? Cause he had to ask them for my hand marriage and it was really. It was, you know, it’s kind of hard, like an interracial from my parents. So it was like hard for them ever being honest in the beginning. So like for him too, and they love him now, but like, For him to like, do that, like proposing Korean. And they were there, obviously, that was just like, so I just like really appreciated that. Not for myself, you know what I mean? But because he was like respecting my parents and my co my whole culture and stuff,


Matt: (00:36:24)  I did put it, uh, I did put it in Korean on the banner. So it did say, will you marry me in Korean, on a banner? So, cause I knew I was going to butcher it and everything. 


Maggie: (00:36:36)    I love that. Yeah. That’s so sweet. Let’s do thank you.


Bryan: (00:36:43)   Yeah. That’s uh, so I love it. I mean, just understand each other’s culture and really understanding like how to make things better, because, you know, as for you alluded Asian culture, interracial dating is extremely difficult. I think we all heard it once, at least once in our lives, you know, and the fact that you guys persevere not only in your own careers, but your relationship with family. Yeah, that’s awesome.

Glory: (00:37:09)      It was really difficult, I think for like your dating. I don’t know, like I don’t, um, I’ve lost track of time, like two or three years before. Yeah. Oh yeah. It was really difficult at first. Like not going to lie. She cried a lot because I just love him so much. And you know, parents can see eye to eye. Um, but over time that they really learn to like love him and he never was forceful about it. You know what I mean? Like, he was just very like himself and so like, you can’t help, but love him and for just being yourself, that’s it?


Matt: (00:37:43)   Yeah. Your mom knew early on. Cause like when I first met her mom, she gave me a hug and then she told you, I felt like first time.


Glory: (00:37:50)    When he, after he left, like she said, like, for some reason he felt like my son, which like my mom would never say that. Like, she would literally never say that without meaning it. And like, math is very, like, I don’t know. Like, I feel like people that know him. Oh my God. you just have like this gentle spirit or just this. I feel like people long to like be near Matt. It’s like really weird, not in like a weird way, but just like my mom, I feel like she felt like that gentleness of him and cause you know, she had this like perception of him because the video, I don’t know why I just like made this like video of like health, um, for my college. And like I asked Matt to be in it. And he was like,  


Matt: (00:38:37)  I was looking rough,    


Glory: (00:38:39)    like football, like he liked to play football. So he was like, my name’s Malik football. And he was like, all rough. And I showed my parents and then they knew that was him. And they had this perception of him that he was just like a Rouse


Matt: (00:38:49)   me extra hard. I was acting for the camera. Like, I didn’t even know. Oh, it is my boyfriend. Yeah.


Maggie: (00:39:06)    That’s hilarious. Did you, did you choose that video on purpose glory?


Glory: (00:39:14)    I don’t know. I think I was just trying to like sprinkle him in somehow, like so that my parents knew, but that was not the right video to like,


Maggie: (00:39:24)   I love how you guys are so transparent though. And you know, that takes a lot of courage and just bravery to be able to show your everyday. Um, on camera and to your audience, you know? And so I do want to know, like, just from your perspective, like, how do you decide, like what you want to portray to the audience? Cause you guys do like raw unscripted content, just like your everyday lives, you know, but like, Do you ever have like, moments where you’re like, okay, let’s not put that on, you know? And like, how do you make that differentiation?


Glory: (00:39:55)    Well, in the beginning we actually tried blogging out. Um, because we just, you know, we felt like that would be fun, but that was actually a line that we had to like set up for ourselves because we felt like it was a little bit too much on our relationship. Um, it just wasn’t something that we were able to keep up with. Um, so, but we still do have videos that are kind of personal. Um, I guess like, for example, One of the ones was being pregnant, like announcing that we were pregnant. Um, there were a lot of things we want to share, but there were also some things we wanted to keep personal. Um, just to ourselves, like for example, we do have a video of us, like finding out we were pregnant and, or I was pregnant and like gender reveal and stuff like that. As much as like, we know he would love to see that we just want to make sure that we’re also just keeping things for ourselves. Otherwise, everything becomes like too public and, you know, we just wanted to create boundaries like that.


Matt: (00:40:50)   Yeah, exactly. I was going to say that boundaries is the biggest thing. And I think also we learned early on because we were super transparent, like early on in our career and we saw like how the audience reacted to this. Well, it was like a lot of things like, well, you said in 2014, this is my mind changed. Like, instead of going through that again, it’s like, okay, all right. Let’s, we’re very like, specific about what we put and we talk about it, especially if it’s, um, Like things that’s going on in the world. Like we did the video about Asian hate. Um, and that was like, we were talking about it a lot beforehand, did research. Um, I did my own personal story as well. Um, and we’re very mindful and very specific about what we want to share and talk about. Um, and all of the things, but boundaries is a big one. I feel like that’s the thing. Oh, the discussion healthy boundaries.


Bryan: (00:41:49)   Yeah. I mean, that is the whole discussion is own. And like, what is the boundary, you know? Yeah. I do appreciate that. Um, I guess I’m kind of curious too, cause I saw the video. You guys see you guys put out a couple of months ago and you guys are answering your question of whether or not you want to include your son inside your videos and feature. That is a question that I can’t have personally asked you because you know, Maggie and everything, you know, if we’re thinking about getting married, having a family pretty scene in our lives have become increasingly very public. Like no last note, it’s like, should I include my kid in here? I just look at other creators to see like bark Kwan, who just had a kid, you know, he includes his kid into social media. I want to hear what your take on, on this view is.


Matt: (00:42:34)   Yeah, cool. We thought, we thought a lot about this, um, decision, but I think the biggest thing that made us decide not to do it was when we almost broke up around a thousand subscribers. And I think that was like a red flag of like how serious we take YouTube. And we just, we knew like those emotions can get put on our son and we did not want that to happen at all. If we started to create ideas around our son, Then when he wakes up in the morning, I don’t want to think, oh, what video am I going to shoot at you today? You know what I’m saying? Like, no, I just want you to be a baby, have fun. I want, it’s nice to have, have something, uh, away from work. You know what I’m saying? So that was like our, I would say our main reason. Why we didn’t want to do it. And then also we later on in life, we want him to have that decision of whether or not he wants to be in our videos. Why can’t I be in it? So they all come on, let’s do it. I was waiting for this moment. Float bag and me, like, why don’t you do that? You show that I don’t like the angle of my face, then it’s like, oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. You know,  


Glory: (00:43:43)    so like at the same time, like we understand, and we have a lot of friends that do like family blogging and that is not something that we’re judging. Looked down upon. We just know, like he said, because in early stages of our relationship, because it was so difficult for us and we almost broke up, we just knew that that was something that wasn’t for us, wasn’t going to work out. Um, but like, it’s funny because there are so many video ideas that pop up that would work that would do so well. Um, and it’s not like we’re trying to like hide him. I feel like, um, we have mentioned in the past where we’re not putting them in the channel, but I feel like some people misinterpreted that. Like we’re never to show his face and that’s actually not the case. We we’ll let him like be in a video of course, and like even introduce him, but it’s not like the video is about him. If that makes sense. Like, it’s not, like we’re saying, like meet our son or our son does this, but in the end of the video, he might pop up and you know, that’s totally fine because that’s just our way, you know, a lot of noise.


Bryan: (00:44:46)    I love that  of everything and considering his feature too, that that’s a big thing. You know, when we look at other creators who have kids even celebrities, to this point, you know, you guys are pretty big celebrities now. Right? I think here we’re looking at nothing too. It’s like, yeah, it was a thousand more.


Matt: (00:45:05)   I’m like, oh man, I can’t imagine. My heaven, bear, many followers like jeez,


Glory: (00:45:12)    Gigi Hadid. She like hides her daughter. Like I’m, uh, that must be hard. Like she, she has millions of followers, so some people do it. Yeah.


Maggie: (00:45:23)   So we do want to know what’s next for the both of you. Um, you know, I feel like you both have just went through so much growth and I’m sure it’s, you know, both emotionally, mentally, um, in your relationship and your careers, we didn’t want to know, you know, what’s next for the, both of you and what kind of goals do you have for the next year?


Matt: (00:45:43)   That’s a really good one. This year was all about, I would say last year was more about branding and this year is about expanding. That’s the lyrics. Benny the butcher I feel like I had a credit of, I feel bad. I don’t want to just use one, but you know what I’m saying? But yes, this, this is about expanding. So like we introduced our merge, um, in a lot of things, it’s almost like giving back a little bit, um, for this year, cause everyone’s been asking about it. Um, and then hopefully. Also building a team. Yeah.


Glory: (00:46:24)   Yeah. That’s what I thought. I want you to expanding. Cause like it’s just getting too difficult for us to just keep doing this. And if we want to grow, we know the best way to grow is to like hire, you know, people, whether that means like an editor or an assistant. Yeah. We’ve been told that like someone told us, like ever since they hired their assistant, like they grew like way more, even though like you’re paying them, like his numbers grew like double. So it’s just like, you know, you need time is so valuable. Um, and we want to have more time for our son too. And if we expand too, Is good.   


Matt: (00:47:12)   Cause it’s a beyond like being transparent. Like I don’t think like we want to do like. Content creation, light full I ever, you know what I’m saying? but like building him, building like a business, like, you know, we think about things like, oh, a cafe restaurant, or we’ll have like these crazy ideas that we never thought about that. People would love to go out to, and like building these experiences. We want to be on Netflix, like watching Bo Burnham, Amazon, Cami, special. It’s like, yo, that’s mad. Don’t like, what can we do with that? Even albums, like that’s where our heads are going. Like, how can we go to other platforms and stuff, but we need to like, make sure, like, we’re good here first. Like this is taken care of, right.  


Maggie: (00:48:01)    Amazing. Well, we can’t wait for, you know, all of those goals to manifest and we know that you’re for no,


Bryan: (00:48:10)    we typically do for the pizza and rice restaurant.


Glory: (00:48:14)    We’ll let you guys know. You’ll get, yeah,  


Matt: (00:48:17)      it’s on a house. If you ever, Hey, they don’t get to pay. They don’t have everything is free quarter, right.


Bryan: (00:48:28)     Um, since we’re on the topic, Content creation with your significant other, what advice do you have for content creators out there who are starting a new channel with their significant other, like what kind of priorities and values do you want to give them as they’re starting out?


Glory: (00:48:45)     Oh gosh. Well, we keep saying the word boundaries, but I think, I feel like my advice for that is like write down. Like literally write down on a paper document, what your boundaries are for each other and like don’t ever go against that. Um, just because like, that would have been nice if me and Matt had done that in the beginning, like, okay, we’re not allowed to talk about this. We’re on a date or we’re not allowed to work on Sundays, you know? Cause there were a lot of times we would. Film on like Sundays and stuff like that. So like now that we have that, it’s kind of nice. Um, just yeah, really stay true to those and set those like early on.


Matt: (00:49:20)      Yeah. When we say boundaries, it really means like what would affect our relationship that’s aside from work and everything. So all of those decisions you make. Hey, this day has to be date night so that we can be good. Our relationship can stay healthy. Um, all of those things, we won’t talk about this, or, you know, this is how we’re going to split up work amongst our team, so that not one person. All of the work and stuff and no one’s burnt out. Um, so that’s what we mean by when we say balance freeze, and then also just understand like always remember what, what was the reason why you started the first place? Because when things are going great, there’s going to be moments where you just don’t feel motivated. You forget why, or you just don’t know what, so it’s always good to tap back into the reason why you did it in the first place and half. Well, I guess you gotta have fun because if it’s not fun, you’re going to be miserable doing it and it’s not worth it at that point, you know?


Maggie: (00:50:20)    Absolutely. That’s very good. Yeah. So last question. How can our listeners find out more about slice and writes online? I know you guys are on YouTube, but want to hear it from you


Glory: (00:50:34)   on all platforms? Like mainly YouTube and Facebook. And Instagram, we’re not really all that Tik TOK train yet. We have one, but we’re just not at the expo there.


Maggie: (00:50:50)   We’ll leave all of that in the show notes. Um, it was so amazing having you two on our podcast today. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.   



Glory/Matt: (00:50:58)    Yeah, thank you. This was great. You two are amazing hosts by the way. I felt so comfortable.


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