Allen Fu of CheekyGlo, Hustle Nation and Cowfee Art

January 7, 2021
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Tell us about your business/company or hustle. What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of as a company? What sets you apart from others?

If we were to focus on the recent success of CheekyGlo. I specialise in the operations, strategy and growth of the company. We’re known for using social media to generate massive growth in our business organically without spending thousands on ads.

As a company we’re extremely proud of bringing an asian tradition into the western world to help both men and women feel empowered and confident in their own skin. What sets us apart from the others in our space is our ability to connect with our audience on a personal level, our story really differentiates and we’re on a mission to bring the best beauty practices into our country.

In terms of personal differences as an entrepreneur, both me and my partner are not afraid to experiment and test different strategies on social media to figure out what will work for our brand. We continue to stretch with new strategies to make our brand and products stand out.

Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you got started and how you got to where you are today. You can include as little or as much detail as you’d like.

My entrepreneurial journey was born from my desire to escape mediocrity and create an ability for myself to give. My parents’ first came to Australia as immigrants like many of us to give their kids a better future. They started their journeys working 3 jobs, 18 hour days, whilst speaking no English and having no education so they could put food on the table and clothes on their back. They saved up enough to go into small business and started brick-and-mortar shoe shops across Sydney, Australia. If anyone ever grew up in my local area, you may remember ‘Kogarah Shoes’, ‘Riverwood Shoes’, and ‘Merryland Shoes’… yes I know very creative names… We were also at weekend markets at Parklea Markets and Flemington markets for over a decade.

But that’s mainly my parents’ journey. My journey began when 08 GFC came along, my parents’ almost lost everything, was borderline on bankruptcy and we had just moved into our new family house (talk about bad timing). During these times, it was tough, I watched my parents’ argue daily over finances, we had our shoe stock covering every square metre of our house from the double garage to the lounge and we were living off porridge and vegetable scraps we got out of the Flemington bins on the weekend. They decided to turn to Network Marketing to help them get through this down period in their lives and the world of personal and self-development opened up to them in a way they’ve never seen before.

This was what truly made a huge difference to me. For my 12th birthday, they gave me the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad after being recommended it by their mentor and it opened my eyes to the concepts like residual/passive income, cashflow, business, etc and I made a promise to myself as I was reading that book to never be in the same position as my parents’ ever again.

At 14 I decided to not rely on my parents’ anymore and launched my first business – tutoring kids in their homes to get into selective school (academically elite high schools in Australia), that’s where I learnt that if you have a skill, you can get paid for that, rather than the value of your time that a boss would put on you. During that time I also started my first job working for $6/hour at the local fruit shop. I was promoted to assistant manager there before the end of the year and the boss handed me the keys to the store and a few staff to manage.

Realising that $6/hour wasn’t going to cut it, I moved from job to job learning from the bosses and growing, I worked in hospitality, to construction, to retail, to door-to-door sales, to customer service and more all whilst going to school and studying.

From there I searched for a business to build but realised I couldn’t afford to start anything with the amount of savings I had from my jobs. So I invested everything I had into personal development and attending seminars, books and audios, often being the youngest kid in the room. I remember being at T. Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar, at 18 sitting amongst 40 year olds, learning skills that I still use today.

After getting into university, my parents’ asked me to take a look at Network Marketing because they though it would fit what I was looking for and I made a promise to myself that if I were to start this thing, I would become world class. An absolute professional in an industry that hasn’t always been accepted. I knew it was gonna be hard because of the public perception, but everything worthwhile is at the end of hard and I knew there were gonna be so many things for me to learn. So I pursued greatness and decided to learn from the best and most professional people.

I started building my NWM business out whilst still studying at uni full time in my degree and doing my business part time whilst working 3 other casual jobs, 100 hour weeks were normal at this stage. Whilst studying, I came up with the idea of using social media as a business tool since it was free and doubled down in my belief of social media. I invested my spare time into learning and understanding social media so it could make me money rather than take my time and money from me and so I build out my profile to gain influence in the health and fitness space, a huge passion of mine. Eventually landing partnerships, sponsorships and also selling products and services through it. That was my second business which grew in the online fitness and personal training space.

It wasn’t massively successful and that was okay, it helped me learn and that was the most important thing to me. As I decided to dive deeper into Network Marketing, I sucked sooo bad and had a huge ego in my approach. It didn’t work, I learnt a lot of hard lessons and ended up slowing down to speed up. I returned to my roots, started learning from everyone that was pro in the industry, began investing into my own personal development again before diving in again a year before I graduated. During this time I supported myself by becoming a personal trainer and becoming one of the top instructors in my area, eventually launching fitness programs for the gym.

To cut my story short before I bore you all to death. Fast forward a couple years to 2020, I’ve been able to write books with people I used to look up to, speak on stages with people who used to mentor me, coach the people I used to listen to in audios and trainings in the Network Marketing space and my fitness business has dissolved to make way for other things.

My biggest goals in life are to contribute to over 300 business, impact over a million lives in a meaningful way, and build a school that teaches entrepreneurial skills and real actionable life experience.

This year has been amazing for me, even though it held many challenges. Through my journey so far, the people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve bled through, I can say for certain that the journey has only truly just begun. Here are some things I’m currently involved in and may have some value to you if you would like to bounce any ideas or would love to network.

I still operate my Network Marketing business, it operates predominantly online and globally. We train people to be pros that build a side hustle in their spare time and the product we’re in is in health and wellness (I am in no way here to recruit or sell you anything from this, it’s just a part of what I do)

I co-own and run 2 e-commerce brands which we’re about to ramp up in 2021.

I co-own and operate a digital marketing agency (we deal with all things social media, advertising, copywriting, funnels, automation, lead gen, and even strategy)

I co-own and operate a special new type of social media business which is currently in its Beta testing phase where we help people create powerful content, keep them engaged and teach them how to then use their own social media for more leads, engagement and business. (Will definitely share more as we ramp up towards launch)

I consult a billion dollar company on social media strategy, growth and marketing.

I have some great connection in the Legal Cannabis space in California and manufacturing connections in China.

To wrap up myself in a nutshell, I’m a dude who will never settle for mediocrity and I believe excellence is critical to success. I’m absolutely bullish on online/digital business and social media and I know that it be a key part of success for many businesses in the future. The crux of my being is that I may not be the smartest, best looking or fastest in the game but I will outwork anyone.

Biggest obstacles I faced in my journey was starting broke, using whatever resources I had available to make my start. This forced me to work multiple jobs, saving aggressively, being frugal and taking opportunities and not wasting them.

Throughout my journey other obstacles I faced were my age, people not trusting or interested in working with someone much younger than them, it took a lot of personal development and maturing young and fast to be able to work with people much older than me if not double my age to earn their trust and even their guidance.

We still face many challenges and obstacles much like any other business or hustler but we know that challenges are just opportunities disguised as hard work.

What quality or characteristic of yours do you feel is most important to you as an entrepreneur? Why?

DRIVE. Hands down. 3 key traits I look for in partners and team members are teachable, willing and hunger. Most people can have the first two but there is something about hunger and drive that makes all the difference. You put a person who is driven next to someone whos just there for the experience and the driven person will win every single time.

Have you quit your day job to pursue your hustle? If no, please write no. If yes, please tell us when, why, and how you finally left your job.

Yes, I’ve been working my hustles full time since 2018. When I first started in network marketing, I wanted to make a part time income by the time I graduated from university (2016).

By the time I graduated I had made that happen so I didn’t need to go out and find a full time job. I took on a job as personal trainer with a cap of 15 hours a week so I could “get paid to get paid” (a philosophy I loved). By being a personal trainer, it put me in the middle of my ideal prospects and allowed me to grow my skills and business at the same time.

Fast forward to the end of 2018 I was earning a decent income from my network marketing business and had the option of quitting my part time job at any time. When I was given an opportunity to be mentored by my cousin in USA, I made the decision to leave all part time commitments and dive fully into my business. I left my job because I was already a top trainer, had no room for growth left and nothing else left to learn in that role so I took a leap of faith and went to America. I messaged my boss a week before I left and told her that I was out, and opportunities were waiting for me, she always understood because from day 1 of my interview I said straight to her that I was there to learn and grow so I could take my business to the next level and when the time came, I would leave but when I was there I’d put in my 100%. From there the skills and mindset I learnt helped me set up the stage for the next part of my story.

What advice would you give to someone who is just entering into your field?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy but when was easy ever fun? When you’re diving into something completely alien to you there will be some growing pains. That’s the test of success and it’s asking you if you’re truly committed to your goals. My journey has’t been a fast one, I’m not a superstar, I’m not the smartest, fastest or the most talented. I just stuck it out. I started my first business at 14, failed a handful of businesses along the way and it took me persevering, growing, learning and living before my means before I had my breakout year. Everything worthwhile takes time. Learn to earn your first $1k, then $2k then $5k then $10k then onwards and upwards from there, if we know that our income is a reflection of our experience and skill, then all we need to do is continue to grow and everything will fall into place as we do.

How has AHN contributed to your journey? Who have you met along the way? What problems has AHN helped solve for you?

AHN has been awesome. To be absolutely honest, I was just in the process of thinking of doing the same thing here in Australia. Then I got an invite from my friend for AHN and I was like “shit… there goes that idea”. So I absolutely LOVE this community. It’s well created, well managed and the people inside are awesome. I’ve met tons of people online and offline and I know I’m going to meet so many more. AHN has truly brought together so many new opportunities for collaboration than ever before. I love all my asian brothers and sisters in the group who are trying to change the world. The support is phenomenal and the wealth of experience is unbeatable.

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