AHN Directory is Finally Here!

May 10, 2021
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The Asian Hustle Network Directory has officially launched! We have been working on this Directory for Asian entrepreneurs and professionals, and allies of our community, to collaborate and create meaningful connections based on your personal and business goals. AHN has partnered with ScaleGrowth, a community platform that allows us to design our community experience exactly the way we want in order to better understand and serve our members.

Subscribe to the AHN Gold tier for a dollar per month to get exclusive access to:

  • Create your own profile through our onboarding flow
  • Personalize your preferences
  • List yourself and your business in the Directory
  • View the Directory to search for and connect with other members in the community
  • View and schedule meetings with your connections
  • Matching and recommendations between members based on your Preferences

Subscribe to the AHN Platinum tier for five dollars per month to get exclusive access to: the same exact benefits as Gold, but is available for anyone who wants to give more support to AHN and help contribute to its future.

For existing Patreon members: As a token of our appreciation, please check our latest post on Patreon to receive a discount code to get a 12-month free membership subscription. We are so grateful for your support as it has been a pivotal part in helping make AHN what it is today.

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Go to http://members.asianhustlenetwork.com/platform/ahn and click “Join Our Community”. (You will use this same link to log in as well – please bookmark it!)
  2. Sign up with either your email address or LinkedIn account, and click “Create Account”.
  3. Follow the instructions to verify your email address.
  4. Login and create your profile.
  5. Click “Submit”.
  6. Select a membership subscription and follow the payment instructions.

Once payment is accepted, you will automatically have access to all the benefits. You can view and update details in “My Profile”, fill out “My Preferences” to help us create better matches for you, and use our Directory to gain more Connections!

Once we get to 100 members in our Directory, we will be able to turn on Recommendations, providing smart profile matching between members based on your Preferences. We want to better understand your needs and help you grow alongside us. If we grow this Directory together, we will be able to maximize the value of our community!

Please know that your support will go a long way in helping the vision of AHN become a reality. We want AHN to be able to provide lifelong value to our community, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without you.